Yellow Onion

The onion is an underground, edible bulb that grows in the plant that bears the same name. It is used in many ways for cooking, both raw and cooked. Moreover, it has various medicinal properties.

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The onion is a tunic bulb, which means that it is formed by several layers, as we can see if we cut it. These layers are concentric succulent leaves. They can have different shapes, sizes and colors, ranging from white to red and yellow.

The onion is consumed raw, fried, boiled and roasted, almost always as garnish. Several by-products are also used: dehydrated or the food nutritional industry as seasoning in various foodstuffs; the onion powder is used to make onion salt; the onion oil is diluted in vegetable oil or capsulized. There are also tinned and bottled onions, frozen onion rings and pickled onions. Tender onions are marketed fresh or in bunches.

The onion has been used for a long time as a medicinal plant; that is why there exist many prescriptions and remedies for different aches and pathologies. It is used in many ways, in juice, tinctures, wine, poultice, infusion or roasted.


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