Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is also known as yam or kumera. It is a root obtained from the plant with the same name: sweet potato. It weighs between 0.5 and 3 kg and shows an elongate shape, although some of them are almost spherical. There are sweet potatoes of a pale red colour, brownish-yellow or whitish, although the most widely cultivated varieties all over the world are those of red or pink rind and white flesh.

It has a sweet taste, due to its high sugar content. Sweet potatoes resemble potatoes, although they have no botanical relation.

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Thanks to its combination of nutrients and its rich content of carbohydrates, one can say that it is a regenerative food of high energetic value. It has a high concentration of vitamin A, and significant percentage of vitamin E, C and folic acid. The latter is fundamental for the formation and maturation of red and white corpuscles, apart from its participation in the cellular multiplication and the tissues’ development.

In some countries it is a basic food, since it is rich in carbohydrates, although the foliage is also eaten as a vegetable. Each 100 g of edible fresh produce provides with an energetic value of 84 kcal, greater than that of potatoes.

Its composition is similar to the potato’s but with some differences. The starch content is greater than that of potatoes. The proteins are scarce and the content of fats is even lower. It is one of the better digested vegetables. It is a regenerative food with a high energetic value. It has a great amount of vitamin A.


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