The persimmon or kaki is a tropical fruit of more or less orange colour, of smooth skin and a very sweet taste. It is consumed as fresh fruit, although it is also used in cakes or jams. It is an important source of vitamins A and C.

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There are mainly three species of kaki, the Chinese, the Japanese and the species from Virginia. The traditional varieties were astringent, but in the newly obtained varieties this characteristic has been reduced up to a great extent.

In general it is consumed fresh. It is edible when soft, with transparent skin, so it is eaten with a spoon. It is possible to eat it dried or as part of puddings, pies or jams.

Its nutritious importance lies in its vitamin wealth, mainly vitamin A and C. It also provides small amounts of vitamin B1, B2 and B3.

Different parts of the persimmon are used for medicinal purposes: the fruit, the leaves, the tree bark or even the flowers. It lowers the blood pressure, it relieves cough and prevents arteriosclerosis, among many other properties.


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