Green Bean

Green bean is one of the highly consumed and appreciated vegetables in our market, sold all the year round, since it is perfectly adapted to greenhouse culture.

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French beans are free of fat, cholesterol and sodium and low in calories. When they are consumed tender, before the seeds are completely developed, they are poor in proteins, whereas when they are mature they are rich in proteins. French beans, with or without pod, must be cooked before their consumption, in order to destroy the harmful lectins.

It has several applications, since once cooked is eaten in salads, sautéed as a vegetable dish; with French dressing it makes a refreshing and delicious meal. In any case, French beans are the ideal garnish for meat and fish dishes.

The fruit is a coloured vegetable, of variable shape and size, with 4-6 seeds inside. They are green-coloured, yellow mottled with brown or red on green, etc. although the most demanded by the consumer are the green and the yellow ones, both the cylindrical as the flat shape.


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